Sunday, 7 December 2014

Accidental Hamburger Buns!

So a couple of weeks ago I bought a new baking pan 

because I planed to make Hamburger buns from HERE, but I haven't got around to it yet. Last night I needed to make some of my wraps as I haven't anymore in my freezer, so I made a double batch. I usually spread them all on baking paper (see first post) and cook them one by one, as we only have a small oven, but because it was a double batch I didn't have enough room to spread out all the mixture so I left some of the mixture in my TMX. As it was sitting it started to rise so I "beat" it down and I kept cooking the mixture I had already put onto baking paper, and it rose again, not that I minded, I just kept mixing it again. So hubby saw it when it had risen and suggested that I make it into buns, (the thought had crossed my mind already). So we got the new pan that I bought especially to make hamburger buns, and put the rest of the mixture in the pan, and left it to rise while we cooked the rest of the wraps. And we cooked them for 20 - 30 minutes, as they are thicker than the wraps. Well, to my delight, they turned out great. Big enough for a burger pattie!

So of course when they cooled I had to try one. I just had peanut butter and honey, but oh the possibilities!! Homemade burgers, salad rolls, anything really! I still love my wraps, and will still keep making them, but now I'm also going to make my wrap mixture into buns!! YUMMO!!

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