Thursday, 28 May 2009

Perfect Gluten Free Pasta

I have found a way to cook gluten free pasta perfectly!!! (well so far!!!) In my rice cooker ....... my rice cooker has some recipes with its instructions. One of them was macaroni cheese. So I thought I'd try it with my gluten free pasta. It was wonderful. I just put in 200g gluten free pasta, (I only had spirals, not macaroni), a couple of slices ham, chopped, about 30 - 40g butter, some fresh grated parmesan and also some tasty cheese, (about 50g), and 500ml water. (Just like the recipe told me!!) then closed the lid and turned on my rice cooker to "cook", and let it do the work!!! After about 15 minutes it turned itself to "keep warm", and I opened it up to find perfectly cooked spiral ham & cheese pasta. Yum! NOT Gluggy, and stuck together, NOT hard in places ...... JJUST PERFECT PASTA!!!! The recipe said it serves 4, well I ate about half of it, so I don't think it serves 4!!!!
My previous attempts to cook gluten free pasta ended up with either a big gluggy mess or pasta that needed more cooking. (Except for the lasagna, I used San Remo gluten free Pasta sheets and they turned out fine!!) I could never seem to get it right. Whenever I made pasta for Stoo and the boys, I usually just made rice for me, and had the same sauce.So now when I make pasta for them I will make some for me in the rice cooker!! Yay!!! I love pasta and have missed it, but didn't like it gluggy or hard, so stopped eating it, but now I can go back to eating gluten free pasta cooked to perfection!!!

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  1. Terri this sounds great....yes being brought up in little Italy (Ingham) where pasta was a staple I really miss having it. Will try this real soon.
    You could even put it into a pasta bake once cooked,with cooked chicken. I dice buttered bread (use GF now)and put on top and sprinkle grated cheese on top and brown.